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Tim Newman Participates in Michigan State University Research Study

Science Department chairperson Tim Newman is one of only six high school teachers from around the country selected to participate in a Michigan State University research study – Connected Biology: Three-dimensional learning from molecules to populations. Newman had to submit a detailed application and provide supporting documentation to be considered for the study.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the study is being conducted in partnership with The Concord Consortium, a non-profit educational research and development organization.

The purpose of the study is to improve science teaching and learning in high school biology classrooms through the implementation of new curriculum materials, and the research will look at how well new high school science curriculum material work.

“The goal is examine how to support secondary school students in constructing and revising models based on disciplinary core ideas and cross cutting concepts – components of Next Generation Science Standards – explain scientific phenomena and solve problems,” Newman said.

The new curriculum materials are being introduced in Newman’s Biology and AP Biology courses. Students in these classes will be given pre- and post-knowledge surveys to find out how much the new curricular components impact learning of biology concepts.

“It is impressive that Tim is one of the six high school teachers in the country selected to participate in the study, but it is not surprising to those who know Tim’s love of learning and his commitment to excellence in education. As a participant he will help to contribute to the base of knowledge of teaching and learning in biology,” Associate Principal Colette Roche said.


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