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O’Dowd’s student body, a treasured multiplicity of ethnic, racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, is made possible through our robust tuition assistance program. Fully 30% of O’Dowd students receive tuition assistance, and we are committed to keeping tuition relatively low to ensure that middle class families can continue to choose O’Dowd.


Student Body


Students of Color


of Students Receive

Tuition Assistance


in Annual Tuition


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An Exceptional Education


O’Dowd integrates the best innovations in curriculum and learning technology with the timeless traditions of Catholic education. Our excellence extends across all three pillars of the Catholic high school experience—academics, co-curricular programs, and commitment to Catholic teachings.Young people from a host of different backgrounds are drawn to the school by the many riches it offers, where they learn to balance unity and individuality in community.


of Students Matriculate

to 4-year Colleges


2020 Advanced

Placement Pass Rate


Points Above National SAT Score Mean

The Challenge

O’Dowd is committed to remaining affordable for as many families as possible, while providing robust tuition assistance for families who would otherwise not be able to choose O’Dowd. But as the cost of living in the Bay Area soars, O’Dowd must not only provide just and competitive wages for faculty and staff, but also ensure we can support the growing number of families who need further tuition assistance.

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More Than Financial Aid


Tuition is only one of several barriers that stand between young people and the realization of their full potential. O’Dowd’s commitments to ensuring student success mean that we create layered systems of academic, social, and emotional resources, so that every student is supported to excel, and every student feels a sense of belonging.


Trained Peer Tutors


Racial Affinity Groups


Student Health and Wellness Leaders

O’Dowd’s Tuition Assistance Initiative

With the support of our generous parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends of O’Dowd, we can meet our goal of raising critical funds for  tuition assistance each year. Your support will help O’Dowd continue what we began 70 years ago - providing a transformative Catholic education to students of all backgrounds. Students who will go on to lead in our communities, and create positive change for our world. Your gift will help us remove the financial barriers that keep deserving young people from accessing the unique, college preparatory experience of Bishop O’Dowd High School. Join us today.

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