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O'Dowd Student Publications

Literary arts at O’Dowd give students unique opportunities to explore the topics they are passionate about, express their creative voice, and develop the production skills for both online and print publication. Acting as editors, reporters, columnists, layout designers, and photographers, students collaboratively create our vibrant, award-winning yearbook, newspaper, magazine. 

The Muse: O’Dowd’s Literary and Art Magazine

Published once a year in both digital and print formats, The Muse features a diverse array of student prose, poetry, photography, drawing and painting, film, original music, and music videos. Two student editor-in-chiefs curate the magazine, develop the annual theme, and lead the artwork, layout, and design. The Muse, named for the female goddess of inspiration, has a tradition of feminist/womanist leadership, and celebrates the many voices and perspectives of the student body.

The Crozier: O'Dowd's Student Newspaper


Distributed online weekly, The Crozier reports on politics, lifestyle, sports, and opinions - both on campus and in the wider community. Led by a student editor-in-chief, our student journalists report on hard-hitting news through the lens of social justice, and play a vital role in informing and connecting our Dragon community. 

The Mitre: O'Dowd's Yearbook


Published annually, The Mitre is a robust, multimedia portrait of our school community. Produced entirely by students, The Mitre reflects daily life on the O’Dowd campus. We celebrate our cultural and academic clubs, highlight our athletic teams, capture the joy of Spirit Week, and the spiritual richness of Mass. In this class of roughly 25 students, yearbook producers learn the skills of journalism, photography and artistic design to showcase the O’Dowd community.

The Yearbook Archive is under reconstruction.

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