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Spiritual Ecology Class

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Deeply grounded in the Catholic faith, our diverse student body is united in the values of love, justice, and peace. Our joyful Masses and faith celebrations, inspiring retreats, and long tradition of engaged service learning create opportunities for students of all religious and cultural backgrounds to contribute in making O’Dowd a place of belonging for everyone, and to use their voices to build a more equitable, connected world.

Campus Ministry
Growing Together


Our student-led Campus Ministry Team guides our community to explore all dimensions of the Catholic faith. Students shape morning prayer, liturgies, and Masses that call us to reflect on Gospel values and foster compassionate relationships with each other. Students organize social justice assemblies and giving drives to help the O’Dowd community act in solidarity with vulnerable populations and protect our planet. In all ways, Campus Ministry creates opportunities for students to grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dragon Spirit


Once a Dragon, always a Dragon! The joy, vitality, and strength of the Dragon community rings throughout our campus. From our amazing teachers to our vibrant 4-acre Living Lab, from performing on stage to cheering on the football field, from the power of serving together to the quiet moments on retreat, the spirit of O’Dowd pulses on every corner of campus.

Spirit Week

Student Leadership



Student Clubs


Student Health and

Wellness Leaders

Dragon Apparel


Represent O’Dowd! Get your O’Dowd polos & t-shirts, sweatshirts & jackets, and celebrate your Dragon Pride!

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