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Our next generation science curriculum equips students to explore cross-cutting concepts and investigate solutions for issues that affect our communities, from climate change to public health. Each course in our curriculum includes laboratory practice, mathematical reasoning, computer skills, research and presentation, and ethics - preparing every student to take the Advanced Placement and elective courses they are passionate about.

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SCI141: Science and the Environment

Our foundational 9th grade course gives students integrated skills in scientific method, data collection, laboratory tools, educational technology, and analysis, while introducing the environmental issues associated with stewarding the earth.

AP Chemistry Jane Sadetsky-10-950px.jpg
SCI632: Chemistry of Cooking

Students explore the three major types of biomolecules found in our food; proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, working in groups to present findings. All dietary and cultural food preferences are welcomed! 

EngineeringPhysics Beeby-33-950px.jpg
SCI531: Engineering Physics

Emphasizing problem solving, teamwork, and scientific literacy, students use the design cycle to become strong communicators of scientific principles, skilled in experimental methods, and conscious of ethics. 


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Science Research Trips

Science Faculty
Timothy Newman, Science Department Chair

Tim has a BA in Biology from UC Berkeley and earned his MS at Cal State East Bay. He earned an MA in Education Therapy from Holy Names University and an MS in Science Education from Montana State University. He has been teaching at O’Dowd since 1991, where he loves to create unique curriculum for students to experience nature in its own classroom.

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