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As a learning community, we are committed to offering students a wide breadth of unique courses and relevant learning opportunities to explore their interests, nurture their passions, and develop their own academic path.

“O’Dowd introduced me to how much I like science. I started in Science and the Environment in 9th grade, and now I’ve taken Biology, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, and Environmental Science. It’s cool how we can customize our course load at O’Dowd, because I’ve been able to keep exploring science. I want to be a medical professional with a focus on the Black community.”




At O’Dowd, we are committed to a whole person education model and our academic programs are scaffolded with robust support systems. We provide social-emotional resources to help students navigate the complexity of high school, including peer education, peer counseling, and therapy. We provide a layered system of both subject tutoring and executive skill building to help every Dragon succeed academically. Together, our Health and Wellness and Academic Support programs help students to gain confidence, self-advocate, and build healthy relationships.

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Academic Departments

Our faculty designs engaging academic courses that guide students to think critically and bring their learning into the world.

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