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Check out these eclectic student profiles, illustrating the diverse academic courses, co-curriculars, clubs, sports and leadership experiences O’Dowd offers.


"I fell in love with biology in the 10th grade. Our teachers emphasize hands-on learning, and through dissections, research projects, and group presentations I gained a deep understanding of science that prepared me to excel in Advanced Placement Biology as a junior. In college I plan on taking the passion and leadership skills I've developed to major in neuroscience."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: Honors English 1, Honors English 2, AP English Language and Composition, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus BC, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Honors French 3, AP French

  • Clubs: French Club (President), Beekeeping Club, Chemistry Club, Figure Skating Appreciation Club (President), Pre-Pre Med Club, National Honor Society (Vice President) 

  • Sports: Figure Skating (off-campus)

  • Co-Curriculars: Speech and Debate Team Captain, Bay Area Student Activists (Co-President)

  • Service Learning Projects: Harbor House Ministries, Scientific Adventures for Girls, Vote Forward, O’Dowd’s Living Lab at O'Dowd, CityTeam Ministries, First Covenant Church. 

  • Work Experience: USCF Lab Internship 

  • Awards: Reed Junior Scholar, National Honor Society Member, California Scholarship Federation Active Member, First Honor Roll, Academic Excellence Award, College Board National Hispanic Recognition Award, College Board National African American Recognition Award


"Through track and cross country, I've learned how to be a strong leader, a hard worker, and a good friend. As a team, we were pushed to our physical limits and also pushed to overcome adversity. I know I've been a more successful student at O'Dowd because of the discipline I learned through sport, and I know I'll take that same discipline and drive forward in college and in life."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: Honors English 1, Honors English 2, AP English Language and Composition, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Honors Spanish 3, AP Spanish, AP Government

  • Clubs:  Latinos Unidos, Mountain Biking, Robotics

  • Sports: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track and Field

  • Co-Curriculars: Associated Student Body, Class Council

  • Extra-Curriculars: Computer Programming, Skiing

  • Service Projects: Girls Inc. of the Island City, Scientific Adventures for Girls, Operation Gratitude

  • Leadership Positions: Cross Country Team Captain, National Honor Society Executive Board, Founder of Educate and Elevate, Class Council Officer

  • Work Experience:  Research Intern UC Berkeley, Researcher at Michigan State University’s High School Honors Science, Math and Engineering Program

  • Awards:  Dr. Edith Meyers Center Time and Talent Award, O’Dowd 201 Club, Presidential Scholarship, WACC Cross Country All League 2nd Team, 1st Honor Roll, Academic Excellence, NCS President’s List, California Scholarship Federation



"Latinos Unidos has been a great club for me to connect to the O'Dowd community. I was shy when I first joined in the 9th grade, but by 10th grade my friends gave me the courage to participate in the dances and to help lead events. Now I have so much fun with Latino Unidos! We've sold aguas fresca on Cinco de Mayo, choreographed dances, and brought a piñata to the quad for everyone to enjoy. My siblings were part of Latinos Unidos too, and I hope to follow in their footsteps and become one of the presidents by my senior year." 

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: Honors Spanish 3, Honors English 2, AP Human Geography, Honors Chemistry, AP Spanish Language

  • Clubs: Latinos Unidos, Unity Club, Bay Scholars, Gender Justice 

  • Co-curriculars: Peer Tutoring, Dragon Ambassadors

  • Service Learning Projects: Planting Justice Plant Nursery, Friends Project, Boys and Girls Club, Oakland Public Library: Brookfield Branch

  • Work Experience: Receptionist at OUSD Transportation, Filing Assistant at Doctor's Office

  • Awards: Honor Roll, California Scholarship Federation


"I’ve found a lot of support in the O’Dowd community to pursue my passion for photography and video. Because of how the faculty and staff at O'Dowd have nurtured my talents, I've not only developed my skills as a creator, but I've been able to evolve as an artist and a collaborator too. I've found my purpose and identity, and in the future I hope to attend UCLA and go into marketing." 

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses:  Honors English 2, Honors Spanish 3, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Chemistry, AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP Statistics, AP American Government, AP Comparative Government, AP Computer Science Principles

  • Clubs: Photography Club

  • Sports: Volleyball

  • Co-curriculars: Solidarity In Action, Social Media Team, Athletics Department Intern

  • Service Learning Projects: Reclaim Our Vote, Boys and Girls Club

  • Work Experience: Freelance Photographer and Videographer, Archival Assistant at Hearst Corporation

  • Awards: Academic Excellence, First Honor Roll


“In Advanced Placement Human Geography I learned about the field of public health for the first time. I was immediately interested in global fertility rates and epidemiology because it combined my interest in statistics and gender studies. I'm lucky to have taken this course at O'Dowd (not all schools offer it!) and discovered my passion. Now I plan to major in public health and address race-based disparities in maternal mortality rates."

  • Honors/Academic Placement Courses:Honors English 1, Honors Algebra 2/Trig, Honors English 2, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Human Geography, Honors Spanish 3, AP Language, AP Calculus BC, AP Spanish Language, Honors Chemistry, and AP Physics, Honors Multivariable Calculus, AP Statistics, AP African American Studies, AP Chemistry, and AP Macroeconomics.

  • Clubs: Latinos Unidos, Pre Pre-Med Club

  • Sports: Lacrosse, Soccer

  • Co-Curriculars: Peer Tutoring, Dragon Ambassador Captain, Debate, Symphonic Band

  • Service Learning Projects: Centro Comunitario de Rehabilitación (rural south of Chile), GLA Global Health Initiative in the Dominican Republic, Berkeley Pediatrics COVID/Flu Vaccine Clinics

  • Work Experience: Camp Kee Tov CIT, Berkeley Pediatrics Office Assistant

  • Awards: Dragon Ambassador Award, Academic Excellence, California Scholarship Federation


"I started with Music Ministry at O'Dowd in the 9th grade, singing and playing guitar for Mass. Our chorus also had the opportunity to work with other Campus Ministries, like Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, who we joined to sing for their annual Justice Summit. Campus Ministry at O'Dowd has been an amazing and fulfilling experience that's helped me develop a closer connection to God."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: AP Computer Science Principles

  • Clubs:  Filipino Club, Debate Club 

  • Sports: Lacrosse

  • Co-curriculars: Student Council, Debate Team, Theater, Choir

  • Work Experience: Camp Counselor, Kids Flag Football Coach


"I came to O'Dowd with no formal art experience. In the visual arts program I was able to explore not just my own creativity, but also the history and culture of the different forms that we practiced. I've experimented with so many mediums, and have transformed from an illustrator/painter to a painter/ceramicist. The arts at O'Dowd have been an amazing experience and prepared me to become a great artist in my future."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses:  AP Art and Design, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry

  • Clubs: Black Student Union

  • Sports: Rugby

  • Service Learning Projects: Girls To Women, Tha Hood Squad Farms

  • Extra-Curriculars: Meal Distribution to Unhoused Communities, Community Health and Safety Patrol Volunteer, Community Violence Volunteer Mediator, First Aid and CERT Training

  • Work Experience: Summer Camp Intern, Photographer and Videographer, Seamstress

Christian Colbert '24-6-950px.jpg

"When I first came to O'Dowd in the 9th grade I was shy. But the school community is very welcoming and over time I got more comfortable. I've joined Dragon Ambassadors, the Black Student Union, the Athletics Game Operations Team, become a leader on the Track Team, and was selected to be the publicist for the Associated Student Body. I've grown as a leader and developed an attitude of kindness and compassion that I will never lose. O'Dowd is a place where you can find yourself and develop your unique identity in a family of students, faculty and staff who support you through the whole journey."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: AP African American Studies Pilot, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors French 3, AP French Language and Culture, Honors Precalculus, AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Macroeconomics, AP Physics

  • Clubs: Black Student Union, Interact Club

  • Sports: Varsity Track and Field, Golf

  • Co-Curriculars: Dragon Ambassador

  • Service Learning Projects: Tutor for Boys and Girls Club of Oakland, Outside the Classroom Living Lab Service, Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor for Alameda Recreation and Park Department, Food Repackaging for the Homeless with White Pony Express

  • Work Experience: O’Dowd Game Operations Team, Outside Services at Redwood Canyon Golf Course, Warehouse Junior Supervisor at Viecura Group

  • Leadership Positions: Associated Student Body Publicist, Black Student Union Executive Council

  • Awards: O'Dowd First Honor Roll, California Scholarship Federation Active Member, Academic Excellence Award, Spirit of the Dragon Award


"I was really impacted by the Kairos Retreat. It's where I felt the most connected to the O'Dowd community, and fully felt the love that religion talks about. At O'Dowd I've seen that no matter how my religious beliefs evolve, I will always be welcomed."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: AP Language and Composition, AP Spanish, AP African American Studies, AP Government and Politics, AP Statistics.

  • Clubs: Desi Club, Bay Area Student Activists  

  • Co-curriculars:  Peer Tutoring, Solidarity in Action, Dragon Ambassadors 

  • What service learning projects have you done (just names, not descriptions)?

  • Volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, East Bay SPCA, and the League of Women Voters 

  • What work experience do you have (summer jobs etc)?

  • I was a summer camp counselor at Trackers Outdoor Camp, a poll booth election clerk, a retail worker at a boutique named Modern Mouse, and a paid summer internship at the City of Alameda 

  • What awards have you received?

  • Academic Excellence Award, California Scholarship Federation, Class Publicist Award

Shane '24

“I was really excited when I took Science and the Environment as a 9th grader. I knew I wanted to pursue it further, so the next year I took Biology and Honors Chemistry concurrently. Through the guidance of my chemistry teacher I was able to move on to Advanced Placement Chemistry, which is really challenging but I enjoy it. Now I plan to major in chemical, material, or biological engineering in college.” 

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: AP Physics 1, AP Biology, AP Macroeconomics, Multivariable Calculus. 

  • Clubs: President of the Filipino Club.

  • Sports: Track and Field (specifically high jump)

  • Co-curriculars: Campus Ministry Team

  • Service Learning Projects: Food Distribution

  • Work Experience: Stadium Operations and ADA Services, Oakland Athletics

  • Awards:  Filipino Club Award, Academic Excellence, AP Scholar Award, North Coast Section President’s List, Honor Roll, National Honors Society, California Scholarship Federation.


"Since I was little, I've always wanted to be an architect. Through O’Dowd’s visual arts program I've explored many different types of mediums and techniques and learned to express not just emotions, but also the concepts and ideas I'm passionate about, like environmental science. I hope to attend UCLA or Cal Poly and would love to design carbon negative buildings."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses:  Honors French 3, AP French, Honors Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Environmental Science, AP US History, AP Calculus B/C, AP Art and Design, AP Physics

  • Clubs: French Club, ACT Prep Club (Dragons ACT Up)

  • Sports: Tennis

  • Co-curriculars: Peer Tutoring, Dragon Ambassador, French Teaching Assistant, Junior Class Representative, Kairos Rector

  • Service Learning Projects: Community Reading Buddies, St. Anthony’s Foundation, Alameda Food Bank

  • Work Experience: Kava Massih Architects (internship)

  • Awards:  Academic Excellence, Honor Roll, President's Volunteer Service Award, California Scholarship Federation

Dominic Fahey '24-2-950px.jpg

"I have excelled in math at O’Dowd because of the large support system the school provides. My teachers are great, the tutors are excellent, and my counselor is super helpful. Even my PE teacher motivated me to take a supplementary math class at UC Berkeley over the summer, which shows how caring and supportive this community is. I never could have gotten as far in math without the students and faculty at O'Dowd. Now I hope to major in mathematics in college, and see where my passion takes me."

  • Honors/Advanced Placement Courses: Honors English 1, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry,  Honors English 2, AP Calculus BC, Honors Chemistry, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language and Composition, Multivariable Calculus, AP Physics 1, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science A, AP Chemistry, and AP Macroeconomics.

  • Clubs:  Chess, Physics

  • Co-Curriculars: Symphonic Band

  • Extra-Curriculars: Math 54 at UC Berkeley, John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

  • Service Learning Projects: Alameda Point Collaborative Ploughshares Nursery

  • Awards: Honor Roll, Academic Excellence Award

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