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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
– Frank Smith, Psycholinguist –

Our multifaceted approach to World Language and Culture Studies empowers students to explore new places, traditions, and ways of life. Speaking a different language can be intimidating, and our skilled faculty use a strengths-based model to ensure that students feel comfortable to take risks as they not only practice reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening, but also encounter the food, music, dance, literature, history, geography, politics, and social systems of Spanish, French and Mandarin-speaking countries. Through this rich journey into different parts of the world, including Argentina, Mexico, Quebec, France, Haiti, Libya, Tunisia, China, Taiwan and Singapore, students expand their horizons - with a number of students going on to study abroad programs in college. 

FLN327/328: Advanced Spanish 2 for Heritage Speakers

For students in grades 9-12, this course is designed for students who either grew up speaking Spanish with their families, or attended bilingual schools.

FLN111/112: French 1

Using a multimedia approach, students are introduced to various French-speaking cultures and learn basic communication through cooperative group activities and written assignments. 

Chinese New Year of Rabbit - Dumplings in Mandarin Class
FLN621/622: Chinese 2

Focused on the customs and life of modern Chinese-speaking people, students learn to express themselves in Chinese, with opportunities to perform skits and experience holiday/festival celebrations.

World Languages Faculty
Carmen LaRoche, Department Chair

Originally from Piedmont, Carmen received her BA in Italian and Spanish Language and Literature from UCLA and her MA from Universitat de Barcelona for Teaching Spanish in the 21st Century. She loves bringing the beauty of the Spanish language and culture to bright, young minds.

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