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Becoming Whole, Healthy People

O’Dowd’s academic programs are scaffolded with the social-emotional support that students need to not only thrive academically, but to build a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships. Our community empowers students to discover and celebrate the many different parts of who they are, and offers opportunities for students to be supported in their social and emotional growth by peers, teachers and coaches. Young people today are inheriting a deeply challenging world. We equip students with the social-emotional skills they need to be examples of health and wellness in their friendships, engaged members in their families, and courageous leaders in their communities.

Social-Emotional Support

Mental health supports are available for all students through Therapy services. A team of skilled Trainee and Associate therapists, working under the supervision of our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, help our diverse students to navigate the complexities of being a teenager, make healthy choices for themselves, and act in accordance with their values. Therapy is rooted in culturally inclusive and trauma informed practices, and is designed to reduce stigma and remove barriers to seeking mental health for all O’Dowd students.

Student Leadership

Our Health and Wellness Leaders are a team of thoughtful and compassionate seniors, trained to provide peer education and peer support to students. Through classroom presentations, community events and assemblies, and 1-1 conversations, Health and Wellness Leaders support the O’Dowd student body to make healthy choices and be a positive influence on each other. Health and Wellness Leaders provide relevant resources to their peers, and help build a more inclusive and connected community.

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Partners in Parenting

As a Catholic school, we believe parents and caregivers are the primary educators of their children. Our intention is to support families with additional resources and tools to raise healthy, emotionally happy teens. Throughout the school year, we offer a number of opportunities for parents and caregivers to come together for skill-building and discussion on a range of relevant social-emotional topics, all with the goal of supporting students to thrive in high school and beyond.

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