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A Milestone Moment: The Senior & Parent Mass

Do you remember the excitement and trepidation of senior year? The annual Senior & Parent Mass provides students and their parents a time for reflection, as well as an opportunity to look to the future. And for alumni who have seniors attending O’Dowd, this milestone moment is even more meaningful.

Lisa Umezawa Bunn ’84, whose daughter Katie is a senior, said this year’s Mass, held October 2, was very touching and a great way to start off this special year for the seniors.

As a student, Lisa attended the Senior & Parent Mass with her mother. She recalled that they sat with Lisa’s best friend and her mother, then enjoyed a special breakfast in the cafeteria after the Mass. “I thought that was very special,” she said.

As the parent of a senior, Lisa found this year’s Mass much more sentimental – “like the beginning of an ending, where as a student it felt more like the beginning of an exciting year ahead,” she said.

“Katie warned me I better not cry, and I told her there was no way I was going to cry, but then the Campus Ministry Team started their skit – and to the Up music no less – and I worried I might break my promise,” Lisa said.

“What is nice is that while some things change, the tradition of the seniors and their parents coming together to celebrate Mass and honor their accomplishments continues. It is great to celebrate these same traditions with my own kids,” she added.


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