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Senior Parent Mass Recap

Seniors, Parents and Guardians Reflect at Special Mass

Members of the Class of 2019 and their parents laughed and cried together at the annual Senior & Parent/Guardian Mass, held October 2 in the large gymnasium. The theme of the Mass was “Shining the Light of Gratitude on Our Adventure Together,” and the Campus Ministry Team performed a skit “shining a light of gratitude” on several precious family milestones in which parents and guardians have accompanied and supported their seniors over the years and have been part of shaping who they are today.

President James Childs welcomed those gathered, noting that Pope Francis reminds us that “we remember the past with gratitude and live the present with enthusiasm.” “Senior year brings lots of excitement, but also anxiety,” Childs said. “We look forward together with hope, but we also are letting go of our children, encouraging their newfound autonomy and steps into adulthood.

“There is beauty in the struggle, especially if we allow the space to let God in – if we recognize that a world of grace has ups and downs, challenges and joys, fretful times and moments of celebration,” he said.

In his homily, Fr. Jim Sullivan reflected on the Gospel (Luke 2:41-52) in which a 12-year-old Jesus remained behind at the temple in Jerusalem, unbeknownst to his worried parents who were frantically looking for him. Fr. Sullivan encouraged students to try to understand the anxiety their parents may be feeling about this pending life transition, as well as embrace the opportunity to express love for their family.

In keeping with the theme of the Mass, CMT members offered expressions of gratitude for their parents and others who have been present, loving and supportive to them in their life’s journey and adventures. “Though these sentiments come from CMT members we hope that each parent and grandparent will hear these ‘thank you’s’ as if they were coming from your own children and grandchildren,” Ellie Desler said.

After the Mass, the group gathered in the small gymnasium for sweet treats, punch and conversation.


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