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7 Things about Molleen Dupree-Dominguez

In a word, God, I guess. I’ve been interested in God and religious-y things since high school. I majored in journalism in college, but I was very involved in my university’s Newman Center and was always intrigued by the spiritual life. The path led me through Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Detroit, theology school, working in a university, and now teaching at the high school level. I love working with teenagers, and I absolutely love teaching and learning, especially in Religious Studies.

What is your position here and how long have you worked at O’Dowd?

I teach Religious Studies, and I have worked at O’Dowd since 2014.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is being able to teach and talk with a wide variety of teenagers every single day! I also love trying to create meaningful and memorable learning experiences for my students.

What about your field or position do you think would surprise people the most?

Teens aren’t as closed off to God and religion as one might think. They usually just have a lot of questions, which can unnerve religious authority. Like all of us, they long for meaning and belonging. I think both of these can be found in meaningful religious practice.

What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you?

I’ve lived in six states: California, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri and Michigan. I was a Broadcast Journalism major in college at University of Missouri.

Bonus Questions

What is your favorite kind of music/what are your favorite bands?

Because deep down, I am a Midwestern girl, I have notoriously cheesy taste in music (Lionel Richie, Huey Lewis & the News, Chicago). Fortunately, my dear husband has more sophisticated taste in music. Due to his influence, I also love U2, Ben Harper and Los Lobos. From my parents, I love the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and pretty much any mainstream music made in the 1960s.

What is your favorite sports team or who is your favorite individual athlete?

I am a Cubs fan by birthright; my grandfather was born in a six-flat apartment building on Waveland Avenue in Chicago, across the street from Wrigley Field. He grew up watching the Cubs and the Bears play right outside his window.


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