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2024 Spring Sports Round-Up

By: Jack Joyce ’25, Journalist for The Crozier, O’Dowd’s online student newspaper

This spring, the O’Dowd Dragons displayed their teamwork and athletic prowess. From the golf links to the field to the pool, the Dragons continued the O’Dowd legacy of sportsmanship, passion, and athletic excellence.

Track & Field

O’Dowd’s track and field team had a stellar season, culminating in both the girls and boys track teams winning the NCS Bayshore Area Championship and Brandon Rush ’24 becoming the triple jump state champion! On the way there, the boys team secured the WACC Championship, demonstrating the hard work they put in all season. The girls team also saw success throughout the year, finishing in second place at the WACC Championship. In their journey, the track team were led by their Field Athletes of the Year and senior leaders Brandon Rush ’24 and Azsiyah Sapp-Beito ’24. The year ended on a triumphant note, as Brandon Rush ’24 took a huge leap in this final jump and became O’Dowd’s first Track & Field CIF state champion! As we congratulate Brandon we also look to the future. With multiple first and second-team all-league athletes returning next year, the Dragons are poised to continue their success!

All-League Honors


  • Field Athlete of the Year: Brandon Rush ’24

  • First Team: James Prater ’27, Deji Ajose ’25, Spencer Vu ’25, Brandon Rush ’24

  • Second Team: Cameron Jones ’25, Ian Sweeney ’26


  • Field Athlete of the Year: Azsiyah Sapp-Beito ’24

  • First Team: Amaya DeFlorimonte ’26, Lanai Mitchell ’26, Daia Sanders ’27, Azsiyah Sapp-Beito ’24

  • Second Team: Ilana Harris ‘26, Isabella Rodgers ‘27, Elyse Villavincencio ‘27


The O’Dowd baseball team delivered a memorable season, with multiple players standing out. Nikolas Haas ’24 earned the title of WACC Pitcher of the Year, showcasing his exceptional skills on the mound. Seniors Ben Skiles ’24 and Cole Jones ’24 were pivotal to the Dragons’ success, earning first-team all-league honors, with Ben looking to continue at the collegiate level at Grinnell College. The Dragons finished the year with an NCS Semifinals appearance, and with Rashad Hayes ’25 and other notable juniors returning, the Dragons are ready to swing for new heights next season.

All-League Honors

  • Pitcher of the Year: Nikolas Haas ’24

  • First Team: Cole Jones ’24, Ben Skiles ’24, Nick Haas ’24

  • Second Team: Rashad Hayes ’25, Horacio Bucio ’24

  • Honorable Mention: Owen Merrit ’24


Our O’Dowd softball team dominated this season, clinching the WACC championship title. The team’s camaraderie and talent were on full display, as player of the year Priya Kasling ’24 led the team to success. Dragon softball achieved success throughout the season, going on various win streaks, peaking at 11 games. The Dragons continued to find success in the NCS playoffs, pummeling Marin Catholic 10-0 in the first round and reaching the NCS quarterfinals. Our Dragons’ exceptional play and teamwork carried them through a season worth remembering, reinforcing the O’Dowd reputation of athletic success.

All-League Honors

  • Player of the Year: Priya Kasling ’24

  • First Team: Zoe Bolick ’27, Hanalei Strub ’24, Tulip Barnes ’26, Jaella Mercado ’25

  • Second Team: Amaya Heard ’25, Olivia Marletta ’25, Riley Veenstra ’25

  • Honorable Mention: Morgan Jackson ’25, Lana Evju ’25

Boys Golf

The O’Dowd boys golf team ended the season with an 11-8 record with a first-round exit at NCS. Their season was led by the sophomore pair of Rowan Bunkers ’26 and Daniel Weiland ’26, with Daniel finishing as their top scorer. The Dragons competed throughout the year, winning both matches against our rival Piedmont, winning the first 120-127 and the second 214-229. In a season of ups and downs, the Dragons’ spirit and determination remained strong, ensuring to swing to even greater heights next year.

All-League Honors

  • First Team: Daniel Weiland ’26, Rowan Bunkers ’26

Boys Lacrosse

Boys lacrosse ended a competitive season 8-8 with two victories over our rival Piedmont. Led by standout senior goalie Bear Bryant ’24 and senior leader Kaiel Taylor-Wang ’24, the Dragons competed their hearts out, leaving everything on the field. With strong contributions from multiple juniors and other returning players, the O’Dowd boys’ lacrosse team seeks to build on this year and return even stronger next season.

All-League Honors

  • First Team: Bear Bryant ’24, Jacob Glasgow ’25, Julian Scott ’25, Theo Verner ’25, Kaiel Taylor-Wang ’24

  • Second Team: Duncan Park-Steskal ’24

  • Honorable Mention: Julian Gardner ’24, Giovanni Fontana ’26

Girls Lacrosse

The girls lacrosse team finished their competitive season with a 6-11 record. Despite this record, the girl Dragons’ season was filled with highlights, like the standout performance of 3rd time Player of the Year Lucy Yu ’25. With multiple all-league players returning next year, O’Dowd can expect the competitive efforts and determination of the girls’ lacrosse team to continue.

All-League Honors

  • Player of the Year: Lucy Yu ’25

  • First Team: Lucy Yu ’25, Rosalinda Vera-Henderson ’24, Marisa Simas ’24, Elliot Beckner ’24

  • Second Team: Alexis Bolcom ’24, Frances Mulligan ’25, Claire Lonergan ’24

  • Honorable Mention: Ava Harrison ’24, Genet Dutto ’25

Boys Tennis

The boys’ tennis team demonstrated their remarkable skill and drive in their historic season, as they won their first WACC Championship title and finished 3rd overall at NCS, their highest placement ever. Along the way, the Dragons crushed St. Mary’s Berkeley 7-0 in round 1, then defeated Head Royce 6-1 in the quarterfinals. The team was led by senior leaders Elias Cross ’24 and Max Hamilton ’24, finishing the year with a 23-7 record. The class of 2025 displayed their athletic abilities on the court this season, with three juniors earning First Team All-league honors and heavily contributing to the success of the O’Dowd Dragons. With their dedication unrivaled, expect the boys’ tennis team to see even more success next year.

All-League Honors

  • First Team: Henry Hoffmann ’25, Alex Byrd ’25, Neo Chai ’25, Elias Cross ’24


The boys’ and girls’ swimming teams both finished the season on high notes, finishing 4th and 5th at the WACC championships, respectively. The boys’ team saw standout performances from Israel Gonzalez ’24 and Jordan Estimo ’26, both qualifying for NCS and placing themselves in the top 3 times in O’Dowd history. The girls’ team was led by Mia Walsh ’25, who also qualified for NCS. The Dragon swimmers displayed their incredible endurance and technique, upholding O’Dowd’s strong commitment to sportsmanship and athletic success.

All-League Honors


  • Second Team: Jordan Estimo ’26, Israel Gonzalez ’24, Christian Sanchez, Baran Watson


  • Second Team: Mia Walsh ’25

Boys Volleyball

O’Dowd boys volleyball continued their incredible run this year, winning the NCS championship for the 3rd time in a row. Led by MVP and team captain Cameron Kosty ’24, team captain Will Mullen ’24, and Roan Alviar ’24, the Dragons saw immense success. As they finished the season 31-2, the Dragons marched onto NCS, defeating St. Mary’s Berkley, Acalanes, and Moreau Catholic, crowning themselves as NCS Champions. As Cameron Kosty ’24 and Roan Alviar ’24 continue their athletic journey at the collegiate level and many other notable seniors graduate, the Dragons celebrate their impressive run in volleyball at O’Dowd. As they are only in the 5th year of the program, the class of 2024 has played a crucial role in the advancement of O’Dowd volleyball and O’Dowd athletics, moving from CIF DIII to DI in only a few short years. As we look to the future, standouts Toby Lee ’25 and Matthew Fong ’26 seek to continue the incredible success of the boys’ volleyball team.

All-League Honors

  • First Team: Cameron Kosty ’24 (MVP), Will Mullen ’24, Roan Alviar ’24

  • Second Team: Toby Lee ’25, Quincy Washington ’25

  • Honorable Mention: Christian Fong ’24, Xander Williams ’24


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