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For all students entering grades 10-12 (not just at O’Dowd), Summer Academy offers opportunities for advancement, enrichment, and remediation.

Session Dates

June 5 - July 21, 2024 (Remediation June 5 - July 3)

(Holidays June 19, July 4 and 5)

FAQ here

High School Academy Classes - Example List

Final list and details are on registration site


Algebra 2/ Trigonometry

There is no on-site Algebra 2 course at O'Dowd this summer. If students are interested in advancing to Pre-Calculus we encourage them to enroll in UC Scout OnDemand Algebra 2 or APEX Learning Algebra II Honors. Please direct questions about math advancement requirements to Carlos Trujillo, Department Chair. 

Pre-calculus Bridge Course Online

Acquire a thorough understanding of functions and their graphs and get prepared to enter Calculus AB. 


Christian Morality Online (Incoming 11th only)

Explore moral philosophies, ethical theories, and the core teachings of Christianity, learning about moral decision making. 


Ethics and Media Online (Incoming 12th only)

Become a more intelligent consumer of media by critiquing various news sources for accuracy, relevancy, truthfulness and ethical values.



Debate Camp

Learn the concepts of effective argumentation and practice the techniques associated with winning debates.


Remediation Courses

For O’Dowd students who need to elevate a grade from the prior school year. 

June 5 - July 3 (with no school on June 19).

Each course is $700.

All courses will be in person and will be one hour long.

There will be a required in person orientation prior to June 5 date/time TBD.

If your student has a remediation need that is not listed here please email Julia Hollinger, director of Remediation, at

  • Advanced World History Fall 

  • Advanced World History Spring 

  • Algebra 2/Trig Spring Semester

  • Biology Fall Semester

  • Biology Spring Semester

  • Christian Morality

  • English 1 Fall Semester

  • English 1 Spring Semester

  • English 2 Fall Semester

  • English 2 Spring Semester

  • English 3 Fall Semester

  • English 3 Spring Semester

  • Geometry w/Adv Algebra Fall Semester

  • Geometry w/Adv Algebra Spring Semester

  • Introduction to Law Fall Semester

  • Science + Environment Fall Semester

  • Science + Environment Spring Semester

  • Sexuality + Spirituality

  • Precalculus Fall Semester

  • Precalculus Spring Semester

  • Study Hall w/Tutoring ($100.00 if a student is taking an online class but wants to work on site)

  • US History Fall

  • US History Spring


Details and times will be on the registration page.

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