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Working: The Musical Show Times

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Working Is In The Works

The show is based on collected interviews by famed historian Studs Terkel. From steelworker to waitress, from trucker to migrant worker, multi-faceted stories from all walks of life unfold with the dreams and aspirations of the American workforce. Along the way, there are plenty of great tunes and musical numbers.

Working opens Friday, May 3 and plays May 4, 5, 10, 11 and closes Sunday, May 12. You can download the ticket purchase order form here.   You can also pick up a ticket order form in the main office of the school.

For questions regarding the show, please contact Dennis Kohles at

Complete Cast and Crew of Working

Selma Apara, Michael Aseremo, Bryce Ashford, Leila Barbera, Bryson Benjamin, Alijah Brown, Alijah Brown, Xavier Brown, Marley Byles, Camille Calegari, Gaby Canedo, Armando Cardenas, Tommy Cheung, Kelly Clark, Gabriel Cortes, Marco Cortese, Cat Elginsmith, Allison Fan, Jane Fogarty, Sophia Friedman, Brendan Galvan, Giovanna Gialis, Nina Goncharova, Gabby Goss, Alex Groff, Joaquin Gruver-Raymond, Max Guntrip, Benjamin Hammond, Makayla Harden, Hayden Holliman, Mia Isip, William Kegelmeyer, Claire Kotopish, Lauryn LaDuc, William Lecocq, Sophia Lemcke, Aeon Levy, Aleki Lozano, Kai Macapinlac, Sam Madden, Gabriel Magalong, Michelle Magalong, Ben McCarthy, Sadie McDonnell, Sophia McHugh, Taryn Mitoma, Sarah Mockel, Janelle Mondesir, Leah Mortensen, Ben Nguyen, Nick Ong, Max Oppenheimer, Brendan Patrick, Fiona Rivera, Jett Roberts, Samantha Rogers, Madeline Schoenthaler, Olivia Simons, Julia Stewart, Alyssa Street, Enya Tellez, Monet Thompson, Diego Whitehill, and Kheshawn Wynn.


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