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What is a Flex Period?

August 23, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This email is to update you on the new Flex Period in our schedule so that we can continue to partner effectively.

As we shared with students, our hope is that Flex Period will provide them with a time and space that supports their development as well-rounded persons. On Thursday and Friday last week, all Flex Periods met in the theater for an orientation regarding the Flex Period and students were invited to consider how they wanted to grow this year.

The orientation provided some information on forming habits to support achieving goals as well as six effective study habits for students who want to focus on that aspect of their development. Flex Period includes academic support on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with both adult and peer tutors in the academic support center.

Other Flex Period options include Green Dragons (Living Lab programs), Health & Wellness options, Meeting with Counselor (by appointment), Dragon Launch (career and life skill readiness), Dragon Ambassadors, and Technology Workshops (including improving typing skills).

Seniors whose Flex Period is scheduled in the first or last period may arrive late or leave early if they are in good standing and have parent and counselor approval. However, we strongly encourage you to help your child determine if it is really in their best interest to do so.

We encourage you to ask your child about how they are utilizing their Flex Period and to help them think through what is working for them and how they might want to make adjustments. We hope, too, that you will see some benefits at home—perhaps your child getting a little more sleep, feeling a little less stressed, bringing home a little less homework because he finished it during Flex Period, expressing enthusiasm about a program that she couldn’t previously participate in, or talking about college or career aspirations.

We are excited at the opportunities that Flex Period affords students and looking forward to an excellent school year!

You have our best,

J.D. Childs, Brian Judd, Colette Roche, & Jase Turner

Here are the boundaries for Flex:

  1. Students can be in the library, quad, annex, benches along Hurley Hall, and the cafeteria.

  2. Students can NOT be in the classroom building, gym, locker rooms, fields, or CES.

  3. Students can ONLY be in the counseling center by appointment. Students can ONLY be in the Living Lab if they are participating in a program (Thursdays and Fridays only by sign up)

Here are the behaviors by place for Flex:

  1. In the library—silent study

  2. In the annex—social but at tables—can study, relax

  3. In the cafeteria—social but at tables—can study, relax

  4. In the quad—social—can study, relax

These things are NEVER okay:

  1. Being out of dress code

  2. Horse play

  3. Anything else against the school rules

  4. Going to a classroom to see a teacher or be part of a class or study hall

In case of lockdown:

  1. Students in the library stay in the library

  2. Students in the quad, cafeteria and annex (after making sure that it is safe) go to the large gym.


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