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Weight Room Team Leaders Announced

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Jay Beito presented Weight Room Team Leader awards at MP on May 23, which included special T-shirts and towels.

The 2018 Weight Room Team Leaders were selected based on their personal weight room attendance, achievement of a personal, team or weight room record, and willingness, desire and ability to lead warmups, workouts, drills and stretches. Most importantly recipients consistently demonstrated the following behaviors which created a culture of personal and collective excellence and success.

The following juniors were selected as 2018 Weight Room Team Leaders:

Football- Keshawn Wynn

Football – Branden Owens

Football and Men’s Rugby- Anthony James

Cross Country / Track- Isabella Brusco

Men’s Basketball- Iniko McNeil

Baseball- Charlie Buttrick

Softball- Nicole Hammoude

The following seniors were selected as 2018 Weight Room Team Leaders:

Women’s LAX- Kate Marcel

Softball- Frankie Hammoude

Men’s Rugby- Javier Perez

The following seniors were selected as 2018 Weight Room Multi-Record Holders:

Football- Isaiah Henry

Men’s Rugby- David Rosario

Women’s Rugby- Shariyf Mayer

Track- Tierra Robinson-Jones

Students expected to play a prominent leadership role in the 2018-19 season include: Kelly Baxter, Jermaine Brewer, Liam Burns, Tommy Cheung, Colleen Cushing, Jayden Davis, Wyatt Duffy, Daylee Dunn, Jarrin Edwards, Kalea Fong, Ethan Ford, Brandon Frith, Harrison Frith, Kayla Hankins, Harrison Jenkins, Aidan McMahon, Sam Nelson, Ken Nguyen, Julian Orozsco, Abigail Pagila, Victoria Sears, Sariyah Shabazz, Colin Steidtmann, Jylen Vega, Hugh Velline, Justin Walker and Ryan Wright.

Criteria for Team Leader Awards:

Team Mentor

-Looks out for and supports others

-Sets a good example

-Source of knowledge for teammates

Strength of Character

-Take responsibility for actions

-Faces adversity and demonstrates resilience to overcome it

-Maintains integrity and respect in all aspects of their life

Leader by Example

-Strong Work Ethic

-Acts and Plays the Right Way

-Sets the standard for behavior and team expectations on and off the field

Effective Communicator

-Gives clear and specific advice and direction

-Is approachable and listens to teammates

-Consistently and vocally enforce team objectives

Team Builder

-Puts team above themselves

-Engages and encourages all teammates

-Works to have good relationships with teammates

Instiller of Confidence

-An athlete teammates can depend on and trust

-Believes in ability to perform a thigh levels

-Reassures teammates in times of intensity


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