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Tom Tyler – Inspiring Environmentalist

Come to the 2019 Alumni Grand Reunion and reconnect with former faculty member Tom Tyler who taught multiple subjects at O’Dowd from 1979-2005, including Geometry, Biology, Earth Science, Ecology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, and Anatomy & Physiology. He was also a co-founder of the Living Lab.

“In looking back over my O’Dowd teaching years, I have so many fond memories. A few special ones come to mind: those experiences shared with students in the classroom—traveling through space in our portable StarLab planetarium; playing “save the Earth” with our beach ball planet; the telling of the Challis story; and those experiences enjoyed beyond the classroom—plunging through Satan’s Cesspool on our whitewater rafting trips; emerging from “The Womb” during our spelunking adventures; dancing around the campfire with marshmallow light sabers during a total lunar eclipse; descending into the labyrinth in Sibley Volcanic Park,” he said.

Tom is looking forward to hearing from his former students at the Alumni Grand Reunion to see what they remember most fondly from their O’Dowd experience.


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