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Seniors Recognized at 2018 Awards Ceremony

Members of the Class of 2018 were recognized for outstanding achievement in academics, as well as service to Bishop O’Dowd High School and the greater community, at the annual Senior Awards Ceremony held in the large gymnasium on May 9, 2018.

In addition to a number of specific academic and extracurricular program awards earned by members of the senior class, 59 seniors were recognized for having a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or better through the semester ending December 2017, including Alec Abdul-Rahim, Ryan Allen, Bernice Angeles, Khukheper Awakoaiye, Cosette Backus, Adam Bail, Sanah Basrai, Julia Beauchemin, Aerielle Brackett, Liam Carmody, Eleanore Carper, Zoe Chan, Morgan Cluff, Avery Collard, Christine Curulla, Luke Ditzler, Anna Dubon, Olivia Duff, Nicholas Entrekin, Nathan Francis, Julia Gallaway, Karayah Gibbs, Claudia Hester, Julia Hub, Nishantha Jayasuriya, Ana Jed, Sierra Jimenez, Henna Kaur, Marie-Claire Lamoureux, Phoebe Lawton, Beatrice Leader, Claire Lefebre, Yujia Li, Alicia Liu, Marisa Madrigal, Tyler Manca, Katherine Marcel, Melinda Miller, Silan Morris-Gavrieli, Shreya Nagdev, Duc Minh Nguyen, Georgina Pease, Marissa Petty, Christina Pirrotta, Benjamin Porter, Nadia Ralston, Sophia Rodriguez, Samuel Roth, Sabine Schroepfer, Shawn Schulz, Robert Symens-Bucher, Connor Tamor, Logan Tom, Jacob Wahbeh, Andi Wiley, Kaitlin Michele Williams, Max Williams, Christopher Wren and Adeya Wyatt.

Students recognized as the “Top 10 Seniors” included (in alphabetical order) Luke Ditzler, Nathan Francis, Zhirui He, Yujia Li, Alicia Liu, Tyler Manca, Marissa Petty, Christina Pirrotta, Jacob Wahbeh, Andi Wiley and Haitong Yu.

At the Awards Ceremony it was announced that Yujia Li will serve as valedictorian at the June 3 Commencement Exercises at the Paramount Theatre of the Arts.


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