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S-Corps Hosts 4th Annual Blackout Day!

by S-Corps Leadership Team Members Dana Angeles, Kendall Robinson, and Danielle West

What would it be like if an entire community consumed no energy resources for an entire day? Here at O’Dowd, the community is asked to think about this question on “Blackout Day”: an annual event to raise awareness about how to reduce energy consumption in our everyday lives. The entire O’Dowd community participates in this event by keeping lights off, as much as possible, in classrooms and across campus to conserve energy. S-Corps, the student group that works for sustainability on campus and as stewards of the Living Lab, also leads fun lunchtime activities to educate students about energy use worldwide.

This year, Blackout Day took place on a rainy Monday, February 6th. S-Corps leaders and coordinators attended a before-school morning meeting to finalize details for the event, such as making signs, coordinating activities, and chalking energy-related messages on sidewalks around campus. S-Corps students were very involved throughout the day, from running a energy trivia prize wheel (win a brownie!) to encouraging their peers to sign up for an Energy Pledge.

On the Energy Pledge, students were asked to reduce energy consumption in their lives in ways such as turning off lights, unplugging charged electronics, carpooling, and limiting their hot water usage. Furthermore, those who submitted photo evidence of themselves fulfilling the pledge over the following two weeks were entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card, from which a winner was drawn. S-Corps members did a great job explaining to the student body the various ways in which individuals can lead more sustainable lives.

Overall, Blackout Day was successful! The turnout for lunch events was high, with a crowd of students lining up to answer energy trivia questions and over 150 people signing the energy pledge. Many teachers participated by turning off their classroom lights and limiting projector use. S-Corps is now looking forward to hosting Earth Week from April 24 to 28, which will include a school-wide assembly and other fun events to raise awareness and action around the environmental issues we currently face.

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