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Practicing Environmental Virtues

Christian Morality classes spent October 9 in the Living Lab practicing environmental virtues. Inspired by the materials put forward by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, the students have been reading articles as they learn about the Cardinal and Theological Virtues in Catholic morality. Students pulled weeds in the Living Lab and reflected on the metaphor of clearing space in our own hearts for beneficial, native “plants” to flourish, while actively removing anything that tries to choke out our goodness, as weeds do in a garden. Students each spent a week practicing one of the Cardinal or Theological Virtues and documenting their efforts in a digital journal.

Class met in the Redwood Circle and Anna Costa Memorial. This beautiful piece of campus was built by students who hauled 11 tons of rock in the rain. The circle is dedicated to a student who died in a tragic car accident on her way to school. Coolest classroom ever!

Students picking bindweed.

These weeds look like flowers.

The hardcore kids headed up the hill.


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