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Passion Leads to Internship for Marcelo Culligan ’18

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Marcelo Culligan’s ’18 longtime association with North Oakland’s Destiny Arts Center has led to a unique opportunity for him to pursue his passions – photography and video making.

Marcelo is participating in the New Media Arts Program, sponsored by Adobe Project 1324 and Yak Films, a worldwide street dance film crew, designed to prepare creative young people for professional development in online multimedia.

Apprentices learn film, digital photography, video production, editing, publishing, social networking and branding. They are provided with the latest technology and tools, learn to work in a team, and are supported by leaders in the field.

Marcelo was involved with Destiny Arts Center from kindergarten through 9th grade, participating in the non-profit’s dance and martial arts programs.

He returned to Destiny last summer to work one of the organization’s camps, taking photos of the various dance and cultural activities. Staff members there were so impressed with his photography skills that they invited him to join the inaugural New Media Arts Program at Destiny.

Marcelo is now participating in his third session with the program, and has advanced from apprentice to intern. He works each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for several hours in the late afternoon/early evening, helping set up for photo shoots, taking photos and recording Destiny program performances – both on and off site.

He feels fortunate to have Yoram Savion, the co-founder of Yak Films, as his mentor. Savion has occasionally asked Marcelo for his assistance in Yak Films endeavors.

Marcelo is grateful for the internship opportunity. “I’m not only able to expand my skills, but I have the chance to work with people with more advanced skill sets and learn so much,” he said. “And I’m also able to see the perspectives of different artists and can incorporate those into my own artwork.”

Interns also have the ability to check out professional photo and video equipment to complete their own individual and group projects.

“There was a project for US History in which we had to make a music video, and I used the Adobe equipment. It was the best!” he said.

Looking to the future, Marcelo plans to major in business in college, and hopes to do portrait and fashion photography for magazines.


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