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Partnering for Academic Success

The Academic Support Department and Partners in Parenting jointly present a workshop for 9th and 10th grade families.

Partnering for Academic Success When: Monday, March 13th Time: 6:30-8:30pm Location: Annex

The workshop is limited to 50 teams (1 parent/guardian and 1 student) Teams learn how to better connect and collaborate to dramatically improve academic performance and communication skills. During the workshop, participants can expect to:

  1. Identify what their learning styles are and to use that information to build better communication

  2. Understand the importance of a strong partnership and simple ways to deescalate conflict around school issues

  3. Gain clarity on the truths of the teen brain and skill development – What’s realistic to expect, skill wise, and what needs to be learned

  4. Collaborate to improve students’ strategies in organization, time management and project planning

  5. Help students build autonomy and teach parents how and when to help

  6. Learn more about how self care, both emotionally and physiologically, impacts academic performance

Teams will tackle a range of typical school activities. Parents will have an opportunity to be students and students to be teachers. In the course of the workshop, parents and teens will work with both their own family and others.

By the end of the workshop, all teams will have a toolbox of tips and strategies to

· Foster deeper understanding of differences in style and approach · Keep disagreements under control and handle homework issues with calm · Strengthen student feelings of competence and motivation and parents’ ability to trust


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