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O’Dowd Community Generously Supports Goods and Toy Drive

Campus Ministry extends an enormous thank you to our students, faculty, staff and parents for your tremendous generosity to our annual Goods and Toy Drive and Dollar Day for St. Vincent’s Day Home! Our O’Dowd community amassed a truckload of goods, toys and gifts for the 52 families we “adopted” and raised over $2,100 in our Dollar Day collection! Logan Brockbank ’19 went the extra mile to ensure the SVDH families felt cared for at Christmas. “I knew that I only had enough money for one gift, so I asked my family for donations during a dinner because I know they are all very generous. My aunt and uncle told me how much they were going to spend on my brother and me for Christmas, but I just asked for money to donate instead of a gift. My parents, grandma and other aunt also chipped in generously,” he said. This amazing outpouring of generosity from our community is a beautiful expression of our care and compassion for Bay Area families facing economic hardship this season. May this Season of Light bless you and your family!


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