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Keeping Calm, Carrying On

We asked O’Dowd alumni and friends what they are doing to keep busy, escape, and take care of themselves during this unusual time.

I am staying busy helping CCMP (Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals), a wonderful, all-volunteer organization. It has filled a void I had after retiring from O’Dowd. When the virus hit, CCMP shifted its focus to help people survive the pandemic with medical advocacy as well as donations of healthy food, household supplies, and admission to hotels to isolate infected people from their families. Much like my time as a teacher at O’Dowd, serving our community provides great joy to me. -Fritz Blume, former O’Dowd teacher

So far, my escape during shelter-in-place has been exploring nature in various ways. Whether it’s a hike or a socially distant beach day, I’ve done my best to get outside while still taking precautions. –Hugh Velline ‘20

I’m currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I am refusing to watch her Netflix special until I’ve completed the book – it only seems right – and I am also reading The Path Between Us by Suzanne Stabile, an excellent read for learning how to foster healthy relationships with just about anyone. I’m also working, doing distance sessions now with clients, staying safe while still freezing time, if only for a moment, for families, graduates, birthday celebrants and professionals. -Jasmine Bush ‘96, Owner, J. Julienne Photography

This has been one of the best times to make instant relationships with people I work with. People are craving social interaction. Even though it can be a little weird to Zoom or call on the phone, it’s so much easier to break through the walls and emotional stoppages you see in business. Meetings used to be so stiff and formal, with everyone wearing suits. When I talk to someone about business now, we’ll spend time talking about Netflix and Hulu. Before that would have never happened. -Drew Glover ‘04, Managing Director, Fiat Growth


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