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Gender Justice at O’Dowd

Over the last five years, O’Dowd has been taking intentional steps to respond to the broader cultural problems of sexual misconduct, harrassment and assualt that are far too prevalent in our society. Our focus has been on educating students to build and maintain a school community where everyone feels safe and respected, and also enhancing our policies and procedures so students are further empowered to report any instances of sexual misconduct.

Megan Farrell

In alignment with these goals, we are working with Megan Farrell, an attorney who specializes in supporting schools to strengthen gender justice initiatives. Over the next few months, Ms. Farrell will work with us to hold listening sessions with students and families, streamline our sexual harrasment policies and procedures, and train staff to identify, report and investigate misconduct. She has led similar work for the Palo Alto Unified School District and The Berkeley Unified School District.

As we continue to work towards ensuring our school culture is safe and respectful, we know that it will take all of us, and it will take persistence. We can succeed if we each take responsibility for making change.


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