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Engineering Physics Creates Rollercoasters

Engineering Physics students completed their roller coaster projects today. The project specs are that a marble must travel from the beginning to the end, and have at least one loop in it.  Students will calculate the g-forces, based on velocity and circumference of the circle.

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Aesthetic presentation is a significant part of the project’s grade. Here are some of the high points.

Below: UFO themed roller coaster.

Below: Paradise Drop – a tropical themed roller coaster.

Below: Leap of Faith – This roller coaster includes an unusual innovation, in which the ball consistently makes a leap into a cup.

Above and Below: The Barf Zone had an unusual innovation. The ball hits the funnel and spins around inside it, before falling through to the final phase of the coaster.

Below: This roller coaster is particularly strong given the large amounts of duct tape used in it’s creation. They also use a funnel, though tilted at an angle to minimize spin.

Below: Nice raceway themed design.

Below: This high speed roller coaster was the tallest coaster of all.

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