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Eight O’Dowd Students Honored at the 2018 100 Black Men of the Bay Area

Scholarship Awards Reception

For the 3rd consecutive year, Evan Smith ’20 received the 100 Black Men Bay Area High School Scholar $1,500 award. Evan was the inaugural recipient of the 100 BMBA High School Scholar Award, created in 2016 by 100 Black Men Bay Area member and past O’Dowd parent Keith Robertson. Keith presented this special award to Evan at the organization’s annual Awards Reception, held on July 22 at Oakland’s Sequoyah Country Club.

Prior to the High School Scholar Award, the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area chapter reserved scholarships for college students. Keith, a 100 BMBA Board member and chairman of the scholarship committee, advocated for the support of young men of color in high school.

Additionally, incoming freshmen Kelby Hughes (St. Leander) and Matthew Wright II (Edna Brewer) were awarded $1,500 scholarships.

Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a 3.0 or above grade point average, participate in the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area mentorship program, and provide community service.

In addition to the incoming freshmen scholarship recipients, the following O’Dowd affiliated scholars received college scholarships:

  1. 100 BMBA 2018 High School Senior Scholars:

  2. Khukheper A. Awakoaiye, $1,600 (Howard University)

  3. Karayah C. Gibbs, $1,600 (University of Southern CA)

  4. Maya F. Jenkins, $1,600 (UC Merced)

  5. 100 BMBA 2018 College Scholars:

  6. Danielle West ’17, $1,500 (Pomona College)

  7. Cameron D. Patterson ’16, $1,500 (UC Davis)

The chapter awarded over $71,000 at this year’s Scholarship Awards Reception, and has given roughly $1.46 million in scholarship money to over 600 students since being established in 1992. Get more information…

New 100 BMBA member and O’Dowd Associate Principal Jase Turner was on hand to honor these eight recipients.

Keith Robertson, Matthew Wright II ’22 and Jase Turner

Keith Robertson, Maya Jenkins ’18 and Jase Turner

Keith Robertson, Kelby Hughes ’22 and Jase Turner

Keith Robertson, Evan Smith ’20 and Jase Turner


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