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Campus Art Evokes Conversation and Contemplation

Looking for a way “to wake our campus up a bit,” as Associate Principal Jase Turner puts it, the school partnered with Dragon Parents Arts Chair Andrew Danish to bring two engaging sculptures to the patio areas of the CES building.

Created by San Francisco artist Mark Baugh-Sasaki, the steel-and- wood fabrications explore the interaction between natural and human-made environments. While attending art school in Pittsburgh, Baugh-Sasaki became engrossed with the post-industrial aspects of the surrounding geography – a theme which informs his installations.

“Hopefully these works start a dialogue which challenges our students intellectually,” Danish says. “We wanted to present these installations as approachable and in alignment with the school’s sustainability initiatives” he explains.

Danish and Turner also championed the whimsical (and functional!) chairs which graced the quad last year. Those were by local artist Karen Cusolito.

Watch for more exciting artwork on campus in the near future.

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