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Alumni Night at the Theater Recap

More than 70 alumni and friends gathered for the fourth annual O’Dowd Alumni Night at the Theater reception in the Center for Environmental Studies on Friday, May 10, before attending the drama department’s production of Working. They also had a chance to check out the O’Dowd Arts Festival showcasing even more artistic talent of our students.

Several of the alumni were drama department veterans, including Carnetta Turek ’74 who drove that morning from Southern California to attend the event. Carnetta and O’Dowd Drama Director Dennis Kohles ’69 had performed together as students at St. Louis Bertrand and Carnetta wanted to make a special trip to see the musical and show her support for her friend and fellow Dragon. Special thanks to the theater department and Kohles for providing complimentary tickets for the O’Dowd alumni, and well-deserved kudos to all the talented students in the musical.


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