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Actor Profile-Taylor Daniel

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Role: Cassie Ferguson Year In School: Sophomore Theater Experience: “I was Little Inez in Hairspray here at O’Dowd. I do a lot of outside theater.”

Describe your role in A Chorus Line. “I play a well known dancer who everyone thought would become a star. She had a previous relationship with the director, Zach, that didn’t end well. This relationship complicates her audition dynamic.”

What themes and/or subject matter of the show attract you? “The idea that so many different people with different backgrounds can find comfort and love in the same industry.”

What challenges, acting, singing, or dancing, does this production present? “I would have to say all three; singing, dancing and acting. That’s actually my favorite part about the show. You have to work hard to be excellent in all three disciplines.”

Describe life as a BOD Drama Student? “Life as a BOD drama student is extremely exciting. The kids in the drama program are very enthusiastic and so talented. Everyone is so much fun to be around.”


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