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Actor Profile-Carl Ballantine

Role: Zach Year In School: Junior

Theater Experience: “I was in The Laramie Project my freshman year and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in my sophomore year.”

Describe your role in A Chorus Line. “Zach is the director-choreographer of the show the characters are auditioning for. He’s dedicated to his work and wants only the very best dancers for his production.”

What themes and/or subject matter of the show attract you? “While all of the characters are fun, there are also great dramatic moments where characters expose their true selves and share personal revelations. A common theme is a character’s development with adolescence, something most students at school are currently experiencing.”

What challenges, acting, singing, or dancing, does this production present? “For me, there are less challenges than my fellow cast members have because Zach is not in many of the musical numbers. I do have a considerable role in the story, however, and get many fun interactions with the dancers.”

Describe life as a BOD Drama Student? “Doing the shows at O’Dowd is a huge commitment. We rehearse every day for three hours. Putting that kind of effort toward one project is incredibly fulfilling. There are high expectations placed on us. We are expected to meet those expectations in no small part due to the group of people that direct our shows.”


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