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For all students entering the 9th grade (not just at O’Dowd!), High School Prep offers courses to prepare for the rigorous academic standards of high school, as well as courses that teach valuable school and life skills. For students entering O’Dowd, this program provides an opportunity to become comfortable with the campus, meet O’Dowd teachers, and make new friends in a relaxed educational environment. Students can build their own schedule by choosing from classes in their areas of interest or need.

Session Dates

June 17 – July 12, 2024

(Holidays June 19, July 4 and 5)

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High School Prep Classes - Sample List

Full list and details will be available on registration site

Foundational Geometry

Brush up on Geometry skills with major topics, including lines and angles, special triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, congruent and similar triangles, and more. 


Foundations of Algebra

Review fundamental Algebra skills, become familiar with the classroom environment, and prepare for the fall semester. 


Public Speaking and Debate

Learn how to organize and deliver information, communicate effectively, and win an audience. 


Writing for High School

Prepare for high school English, study exposition and argument in literary prose, and learn how to form a strong thesis.


Strength and Conditioning

Develop athletic potential by building strength, speed, and power. Learn methods to protect against fatigue related injuries.


O’Dowd Ready

Get prepared for 9th grade with your peers. Develop confidence, public speaking skills, conversation skills, self advocacy skills. 


Spanish 1 Prep

Prepare for high school Spanish by learning basics, verb conjugations, and cultural elements of the language. 


High School Theater

Develop performance talents, learn the fundamentals of acting and musical theater, and meet new fellow actors.

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