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Writing From the Heart: O’Dowd’s Published Authors

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." --Toni Morrison

In addition to the amazing work our teachers, coaches, administrators and staff do every day on O’Dowd’s campus, 12 of them are also published authors. Check out their titles, ranging from topics in social justice, identity, and art in Catholicism, to fiction and autobiography, as well as academic journals and software guides.

Romeo Baldeviso

Romeo Baldeviso, Director of Technology

Before joining O’Dowd in 2002, Romeo contributed to the software guide “Understanding SQL*Net” for Oracle in 1996. He was a full-time math teacher before moving into the Technology Department.

Damian Barnes, English Teacher

O’Dowd teacher since 2011, Damian moderates O’Dowd’s 3 student publications - The Muse, The Crozier, and The Mitre. Damian’s novel Melton and the Hereafter will be released this fall.

J.D. Childs, President

J.D. joined O’Dowd as principal in 2016 and became president in 2018. Before coming to O’Dowd, J.D. co-edited the 2006 book Great Catholic Writings: Thought, Literature, Spirituality, Social Action and co-authored the 2009 book The Catholic Spirit. In 2020 J.D. wrote an article "Dreaming a Catholic Aesthetic" as part of a series on art and architecture.

Corinna Guerrero, Religious Studies Teacher

Joining O’Dowd’s faculty in 2021, Corinna has written various works about Catholicism including “2 Timothy” in Latinx Perspectives on the New Testament, Dehumanization in Judges,” and “I am CHURCH” in Faithful Feminism: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Feminists on Why They Stay, and the article “Costly Scripture: Encountering Trauma and the Bible” in America Magazine: The National Catholic Review.

Briana Loewinsohn, Art Teacher

Briana has been teaching at O’Dowd since 2006. In that time, she has authored a number of mini-comics, including “Still,” “Simple,” “Chickadee,” and “Some New Year.” Briana’s upcoming graphic novel Ephemera will be published by Fantagraphics this spring.

Connie Mae Oliver, English Teacher

As an English teacher, Connie Mae knows the power of writing. She is the author of three poetry books, as well as the founding editor of FEELINGS, an online journal of poetry and art. Her most recent book, Please Mr. Postman, was released earlier this summer.

Thien Pham, Art Teacher

An O’Dowd teacher since 2002, Thien has inspired many students to share their stories. He is the author and artist of the 2012 graphic novel Sumo, and the artist of former O’Dowd teacher Gene Yang’s 2011 graphic novel Level Up. Thien is currently working on a graphic novel which is slated to be released this spring.

Zack Polsky, French Teacher

Before joining the O’Dowd faculty in 2007, Zach wrote The Comic Machine, the Narrative Machine, and the Political Machine in the Works of Molière for Mellon Press.

Lou Richie ’89, PE Teacher

PE teacher and head boys basketball coach, Lou Richie ’89 began his teaching career at St. Lawrence O’Toole Elementary School in Oakland. With his students, Lou worked with a local publisher to release Diverse Stories: From the Imaginations of Sixth Graders in 2006.

Larry Sterling ’95, Security

Alum and member of O’Dowd’s security Team Larry Sterling ’95 wrote Cracker Jacked, which shares his experience fighting for honorable discharge from the Navy, responding to bias in the educational system, and being racially profiled.

Fr. Jim Sullivan, Religious Studies Teacher

Religious Studies teacher and school chaplain since 2014, Fr. Jim is also an accomplished writer. This September he will be publishing his 18th book! His titles include The Season of Grief, Seven Summers From the Shore, and several novels. Fr. Jim is currently working with San Gabriel Media, which will launch in September.

Karen Yavorsky, Retreat Coordinator

Prior to joining O’Dowd in 2019, Karen worked as a homeless case worker for the YWCA in Seattle, Washington. While there, Karen was a contributing writer to the organization’s release of Our Hearts, Our Stories, which told the stories of clients and employees of the YWCA.


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