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Varsity Takes 2nd at JAMZ School Cheer Nationals

The varsity cheer team traveled to Las Vegas February 23-24 to participate in the JAMZ School Cheer Nationals. The first competition performance was Show Cheer at 9:06 p.m. on Friday. At 1:03 the music system crashed and, like true Dragons, the team continued and completed their routine. This performance counted as 35% of the overall tally in the Show Cheer division. Their second performance was in the Sideline Cheer division on Saturday morning and then they had to repeat Show Cheer for the final judging. There were 150 teams, 35 divisions and they competed against 11 other cheer teams in the Sideline Cheer and Show Cheer divisions.

The life of a Dragon cheerleader is intense. Their season begins in June, and they participate in over 160 hours of practice while maintaining a very rigorous academic schedule and fulfilling their school cheer responsibilities during football and basketball season, and numerous stunt clinics brings them to winning 2nd in the nation in Sideline Cheer and 4th in the nation in Show cheer. Go Dragons!


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