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The Living Lab Spring Garden Festival

O’Dowd Families and Neighbors are invited to:

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  1. Shop at our Plant Sale: Tomatoes and other spring planted veggies $2, and drought tolerant native plants $5-$10. All grown at the Living Lab.

  2. Buy your lunch from a sustainable Food Truck: Let’s Be Frank

  3. Enjoy Kid Activities, including nature art & a petting zoo with chickens and bunnies

  4. Attend a Workshop:

  5. 11:00 Drought Tolerant Gardening – Learn about native plants and how they can reduce water usage in your yard from the founder of the Living Lab and O’Dowd’s resident naturalist. Buy some native plants at our sale.

  6. 11:45 Bees: Our Greatest Allies – 1 out of 3 bites we eat are made possible by bees, but they do so much more including healing wounds and easing arthritic pain. See bees like you have never seen them before in this surprise filled talk by O’Dowd’s own beekeeper/photographer.

  7. 12:30 Raising Backyard Chickens – Learn what it takes to raise chickens in your own backyard: the benefits–fresh eggs, friendly pets; and the potential pitfall–from a neighborhood expert and O’Dowd’s chicken wrangler.

  8. 1:15 All About Tomatoes – Learn the physiology of the tomato plant so you can grow better tomatoes in your own backyard. Free tomato plant to neighbors with address ID while supplies last–our own open pollinated cross of a San Marzano and a Berkeley Tie Dye tomato that we’ve named “98th Ave Special”

  9. Ask a Master Gardener Plant Doctor Table: Bring your gardening questions and/or problems to the experts. If possible bring a sample or a photograph of your question for the most detailed help. Staffed by Master Gardeners of Alameda County.

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  1. Explore a Science Classroom: Check out the world that is smaller than the eye can see with two O’Dowd’s science teachers. Five Research Methods and Practice students will be on hand with their science project poster presentations.

  2. Learn from a Community Booths: Students for Sustainability, Imperfect Produce

  3. Enter a Raffle for Living Lab grown produce and eggs

  4. Take a student led Tour of the Living Lab

  5. Buy some of Ms. Lyn’s Jam–made with love by our neighbor on Burr Street

  6. Hear some Live Music by student bands through the day

For more information email us or visit

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