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Spring Season Starts for O’Dowd Bike Club

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In training since last December, the 10 members of the O’Dowd Bike Club are now beginning their competitive season in the NorCal High School Cycling League.

Led by faculty sponsor Tom Beatty and O’Dowd parent Scott Steinwert, the O’Dowd bikers competed at Laguna Seca in Monterey County on March 11, placing 10th out of 26 teams in the NorCal league, South Conference race.

Several O’Dowd bikers placed in the event, including Ryan Steinwert ’17 (varsity 17th place), Caleb O’Hare ’18 (JV 3rd place), Mia Rahman ’19 (soph 14th place) and Tyler Jolly ’20 (frosh 23rd place).

Other O’Dowd students racing this year include Matthew Tracey Cook ’17, Elise Cypher ’19, Jackson Hake ’20, Charlotte Low ’18 and Matthew Justice ’20.

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