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Sacred Heart Prep Social Justice Teach-in

Eleven O’Dowd students attended the Sacred Heart Preparatory Social Justice Teach-In on March 15. This day-long event, held in Atherton, was entitled “Searching for the Missing Peace,” and included speakers and workshops on the theme of peace. The keynote address was given by Drew Cameron, an Iraq war veteran and founder of Combat Paper, which transforms military uniforms into handmade paper. Students attended a variety of workshops on many topics including restorative justice, veterans for peace, the language we use to name God and community organizing, as well as a presentation by Moms Demand Action.

Tarik Glenn ’19 said his favorite workshop was “God, Language, and Gender: Seeking Peace through Music.”

“Seeing God as a woman was something totally different, and I had never even thought of that before. It kind of changed the way I think of God,” he said.

Jeneva Toolajian ’19 said, “As I listened to the talks, I realized that each speaker was telling their story, either literally or through their artwork. A big take away for me today was realizing how healing stories can be, and how much power they have to affect change. I’m excited to keep learning and hearing more stories!”


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