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Public Forum Debaters Make A Statement in Santa Clara

<img class="wp-image-28903 size-medium lazyload" src="" alt="" width="223" height="300" srcset=" 223w, 768w, 762w" sizes="(max-width: 223px) 100vw, 223px" /> Lola Deibert ’21 & Evian Jiang ’20

O’Dowd Debate’s Public Forum debaters Lola Deibert ’21 and Evian Jiang ’20 turned in a superb performance in advancing to the quarterfinal round at last weekend’s Santa Clara University Spring Invitational. The recently paired duo competed in an exceptionally strong 50-team varsity field and alternated between affirmative and negative each round on the March Public Forum topic “The United States should promote the development of market rate housing in urban neighborhoods.”

Lola and Evian defeated Saratoga, Leland, Mountain View, and Lynbrook high schools on their way to a 4-1 prelim record and the tournament’s #6 seed. In the 16-team single-elimination rounds, Lola and Evian bested Amador Valley High School on a 3-0 ballot in the octafinal round before dropping on a 2-1 split ballot to Lynbrook High School in quarters. Evian was ranked the tournament’s #12 individual debater in a field of 100, while Lola was ranked #18.

Meade Jacobsen ’20 and Milo Kuiper Rauch ’20 also put in a strong performance in Public Forum Debate. The pair, debating together only for the second time in the Public Forum format, put together a 3-2 winning record, just missing the cut to elimination rounds.

In Parliamentary Debate, Lucy Barretto ’21 and Connor Whitehill ’20, debating together for the first time and competing in a 100-team field, wrapped up their prelim round run with a 3-2 record and the #22 seed, but dropped in the double-octafinal round to Campolindo High School. In the novice Parliamentary Debate division, Sylvie Richards ’22 and Vashe Sundar ’21 turned in a terrific performance in compiling a 4-1 prelim round record in a 50-team field and securing the #4 seed. Sylvie and Vashe defeated Irvington High School in the octafinal round before dropping to a second Irvington team in quarters. Vashe was the division’s #8 ranked individual debater in a field of 100 with Sylvie ending the tournament ranked #10.

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