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Palos Verdes Peninsula Tournament Recap

The following is a brief summary of the outstanding accomplishments O’Dowd students earned at this past weekend’s Peninsula Palos Verdes High School Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament.

Tournament Stats: 82 schools, 5 states, 2 countries

School Award: First Place Debate Sweepstakes

Parliamentary Debate:

First Place Winners (Claudia Hester/Alden O’Rafferty) First Place Speaker: Claudia Hester Third Place Speaker: Alden O’Rafferty

Varsity Public Forum Debate:

Second Place Winners (Cas Graffagna/Logan Brockbank) Quarterfinalists (Justin Shi/Neel Dhar) Fifth Place Speaker Award: Justin Shi

Novice Public Forum Debate:

Third Place Winners (Reese Ward/Emily Blake) Quarterfinalists: (Eva Jones/Elizabeth Chesnutt) Quarterfinalists: (Owen Burlingham/Grayson Broderick) Fourth Place Speaker: Reese Ward Third Place Speaker: Eva Jones


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