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Outdoor Adventure Winter Camp 2018

MARKLEEVILLE CA- Theodore Roosevelt said, “there is delight in the hardy life of the open.” The Bishop O’Dowd High School Outdoor Adventure Club embraces the former Presidents quote as they just returned from their annual snow camping trip to Grover Hot Springs State Park. The 10 students and 3 chaperones camped in the day use area as the regular campground closes for the winter. It is a bit more “rough and ready” then your usual car camping. Sleeping in tents with about 2 feet of snow on the ground is not for the faint of heart, on Friday night the low was 11 degrees, luckily on Saturday it rose to a “balmy” 18 degrees.

“I think this year sets the record for coldest temperature. You spend a fair amount of time sitting around the campfire drinking hot drinks trying to keep warm, telling stories and bantering with your trail mates”, explained club moderator Ray Lehner.

Saturday we hiked to the frozen waterfall its about a 3 mile loop, this time of year the campsite and the valley is pretty desolate not a lot of other cold weather adventurers.

“I like to tell the kids that if you can camp out in 11 degree weather you can certainly tackle a science or government final.”

We are considering a Spring break camping trip details coming out soon.

Winter Campers Colleen Cushing ’19 Cameron Forsyth ’20 Robert Cushing ’20 Courtney Keast ’20 Joseph Buckley ’20 Juliana McElroy ’20 Colin Young ’20 Alyssa Evans ’20 Isabella Bataille ’20 Ryan “Camp Boss” Okada ’21 Chaperones Ray Lehner Audrey Irwin James Cunningham ’08


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