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O’Dowd Students Take Over KQED Airwaves

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Inspiring stories and commentaries produced by four seniors in Molleen Dupree-Dominguez’s Justice in Action course have been/are being featured live on KQED shows this week including Perspectives, The California Report, B-Segment, Forum, Bay Curious and more. Here are links to the pieces:

  1. April 29 – Jasmine Powell’s ’19 story about “Blackfishing” and Cultural Appropriation on Social Media – listen

  2. May 1 – McKenzie Taffe’s ’19 story “Escaping Natural Disasters is a Matter of Privilege” – listen 

  3. May 3 – Jeneva Toolajian’s ’19 story “From Harmful  Dieting to embracing ‘Body Positivity'” – listen

  4. Alden O’Rafferty ’19 piece still to air


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