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O’Dowd Hosts 4th Annual Sustainability Symposium for Secondary Schools

Bishop O’Dowd’s Department of Sustainability hosted the 4th annual Sustainability Symposium for Northern California Secondary School Educators. Representatives were present from: Bishop O’Dowd, De La Salle, Moreau Catholic, Saint Ignatius, Head Royce, Harker, Prospect Sierra, College Preparatory School, Mercy, Strategic Energy Innovations (great curriculum resources), and Santa Clara University.

The event kicked off with a delicious lunch featuring local Living Lab produce, and dynamic conversation at each table group, celebrating progress made at each school site, and sharing greatest challenges. Just after lunch there were brief presentations from various representatives highlighting best practices in facilities management and local conferences. The majority of the afternoon was spend on collaborations focused around problem solving on challenges related to work across the Campus Facilities, Curriculum, Community Engagement, and Cultural shifts.

The symposium ended up being a wonderful exchange of ideas, and a great opportunity for educators and students to reenergize their spirits in this challenging work.


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