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NHS Induction Ceremony 2018

By Cecelia Garofoli ’18

NHS Vice President

Thirty-four new members were inducted in the Bishop O’Dowd High School chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) on May 1. The six NHS members on the executive council, all senior women who were inducted the previous year, led the ceremony and current Principal and soon-to-be-President James Childs advised the new inductees on living out the four pillars of NHS.

Principal Childs addressed the new members, thanking them for their leadership and service to the school. He reminded them that it’s not always easy to stay true to oneself during high school, but NHS members have demonstrated their commitment to scholarship, leadership, service and character daily, which guided them on their right path.

The Induction Ceremony includes NHS traditions such as the candle lighting ceremony, signing of the chapter roster, and receiving the NHS pin. Nagdev and fellow NHS officers Cecelia Garofoli, Christine Curulla, Beatrice Leader, Georgina Pease and Nadia Ralston organized the ceremony for new members.

After the ceremony, new members and their parents celebrated at a dessert reception hosted by the current members of NHS who were inducted last year.

“It’s really great to be part of an organization that recognizes the hard work we put into school. The induction ceremony felt formal but fun. I liked honoring NHS traditions like going on stage and signing my name in the O’Dowd NHS book,” Fredric Bunkers ’19 said.

Lincoln Kennedy ’19 said it’s a great honor to be a member of NHS. “Only a small portion of juniors and seniors are selected. It was also special to continue the legacy of my mom who was also a member of NHS but at St. Joe’s,” she said.

Prospective members must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and complete selection materials including an activities and leadership resume. The NHS Faculty Council, comprised of five faculty members, reviews selection materials and nominates qualified students for membership in the O’Dowd Chapter of NHS. Membership selection materials will be available in late August, and announcements and postings about the process will begin in the fall.

Congratulations again to all the new inductees and may you continue to represent NHS with respect and dignity!

New Members Class of 2018:

Kenyan Branscomb, Henry Deck, Aidan Forth, Aysha Gardner, Karayah Gibbs, Jing Hu, Maya Jenkins, Mia Lauer, Garrett Post, Matthew Quamina, Joshua Rodriguez, Michael Ryan, Logan Tom and Chengyi Zhang.

New Members class of 2019:

Helen Balawejder, Nitin Bhupatiraju, Isabella Brusco, Frederic Bunkers, Iman Byndloss, Samantha Cadenasso, Elise Cypher, Elizabeth Desler, Aniket Dhar, Zachary Figueroa, Ivan Fong

Jude Hebert, Campbell Hunter, Lauryn La Duc, Camille Lent, Kennedy Lincoln, Anna Lockhart

Alexandria Love, Aisha McMahon, Anna Niehi, Alden O’Rafferty, Sofia Odeste, Nicholas Ong

Mia Rahman, Zoe Readi-Brown, Katherine Rehberger, Stella Richards, Keeryth Sandhu, Holly Teeters, Hailey Tom, Grace Wallingford, Isabella Walters, Juliana Weinerth and Julia Wong.

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