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Maria Zizka ’06 Releases Solo Cookbook

Maria Zizka’s first solo cookbook, The Newlywed Table, comes out on April 2, but the book can be pre-ordered through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and IndieBound. After April 2, ask for The Newlywed Table in bookstores and home goods shops “It focuses on cooking at home as a team and has 100 essential recipes, classic and contemporary, that reflect the way we want to eat today-fresh, seasonal, full-flavored, creative, and a little adventurous too. It’s a beautiful modern-day playbook with notes on outfitting a kitchen and stocking a pantry; tips, strategies, and sample menus for dinner parties and casual entertaining; a wine, beer, and cocktail primer; and more. Most meaningful of all to me, my husband, Graham, designed the book and hand-lettered the title on the cover,” Zizka said. Read a profile written about Maria and her work last year – and visit for additional information.


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