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Earth Week – S4S Recap

Earth Week 2017 was a huge success! S-Corps Leaders established two key goals for the week: heighten awareness of key environmental issues and celebrate our beautiful earth. To bring these goals to fruition, S-Corps leaders created an environmental theme for each day, shared relevant facts about these themes, and had fun lunchtime activities that brought these issues to the forefront, and had a powerful assembly that tied the entire week together. Enjoy a recap of the week below.

The week started off on Monday with the most important environmental topic, Climate Change. Students wore red to introduce a sense of emergency of the climate crisis that our world is facing. During lunch students enjoyed bike blenders which highlighted alternative ways to create energy, and participated in a challenging round of Environmental trivia.

On Tuesday, students wore white and grey to represent the contrast between clean air and polluted air as the theme was Clean Air. Facts and questions at the Trivia table were about local and global air related issues. Other fun lunchtime activities included giant bubbles, kites, and popcorn.

On Wednesday, S-Corps raised awareness for the importance of clean water, and ways in which we can practice sustainable water usage. Students wore blue to represent the water theme. During lunch, in addition to a trivial wheel and bike blenders, S-Corps had a sticker-making booth to create fun stickers that students can post on their reusable water bottles.

The thursday theme was forests awareness day, so students came dressed in green. Lunchtime activities included a petting zoo and nature art. The day was primarily focused around the morning assembly, where the S-Corps Senior Leadership Team presented a wide array of sustainability topics through a schoolwide assembly. Generation Waking Up, a nonprofit organization dedicated towards towards igniting youth audiences for positive change, gave an enlightening presentation on how O’Dowd students can be the change we wish to see in the world. After the Generation Waking Up presentation, the Senior Leadership Team organized the first annual Kahoot! Game. Additionally, S-Corps led a segment in the assembly where the entire student body filmed students shouting “Planet over Profit,” a slogan which sustainability leaders hope to launch beyond the O’Dowd Community with a viral video that inspires others to encourage politicians to take action to mitigate climate change.

The week closed on Friday with Rainbow Day with the all the colors combined. S-Corps chose this theme as the culminating theme of Earth Love. They day was meant to combine all the knowledge and awareness that was celebrated in the previous days. During lunch, S-Corps had their most popular day of sales with “rainbow” flavored smoothies. The Living Lab also held the Soup Table alongside the Trivia Wheel table.

All in all, the week was a success! Students learned a lot about environmental issues, and closed the week with a feeling of love and devotion to making the planet healthy.


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