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Dragon Excellence: Charlotte Chin ’21 California Scholarship Federation Seymour Memorial Award Final

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The Seymour Memorial Award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given in the state of California. It recognizes high school students who have demonstrated tremendous character, leadership and service. And Charlotte Chin ’21 embodies these qualities in spades, going above and beyond to serve her community.

This last summer, Charlotte interned at the California State Treasurer’s Executive Office in San Francisco, where she worked to address rising food insecurity by compiling a resource database for elders and at-risk populations to access during the pandemic. “She also analyzed a legislative bill called the Healthy Food for All Americans Act,” reports Fiona Ma, California’s State Treasurer. “In a presentation to our team, Charlotte eloquently argued that the bill could significantly help address food insecurity.” In her internship, Charlotte exhibited a deep commitment to solve pressing social issues and improve our world. And in addition, at the beginning of the pandemic, Charlotte joined It Takes A Village. This volunteer organization makes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and medically underserved communities. As a volunteer, Charlotte not only sewed masks, but she made instructional videos for non-english speakers and visual learners. “These videos were so well crafted that they became critical to recruit more volunteers,” says Julia Chin (no relation), co-chair of It Takes a Village. “Charlotte took initiative to recruit teens and their families from her school, service, and personal groups – helping us grow our volunteer base.” As a result, It Takes a Village has been able to produce and donate more than 98,000 pieces of PPE.

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Charlotte is one of ten nominee’s of the Central Coast Region who has been selected as a finalist for the Seymour Memorial Award. She will participate in a group interview on March 27, with an opportunity to be awarded $5,000 in total if she wins the award.

We are rooting for her, and are immensely proud of her exceptional dedication to service!

To learn more about the Seymour Memorial Award, click here.


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