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Disrupt SF Recap

Students visited DisruptSF, where they saw cutting edge technology and heard about industry leading startups.

Above: Elizabeth Firestone(left) and Keiani Allen (right) (contributing photographer)

Reflection: Keiani Allen and Elizabeth Firestone spent time at the startup Built By Girls, a company that prepares girls for tech careers. This after school and summer program takes young girls to visit high tech companies and provides them with mentors and internships. “They inspire us to empower ourselves and other women to pursue high tech careers.”

Above: Max Wilcoxson (contributing photographer)

Reflection: Max and classmates thought that Topology, an eyewear company that crafts glasses according to specific facial features identified by using that person’s cell phone camera, is the future of eyewear. The glasses are built to order.  Just download the app, register your facial recognition software, and virtually try on glasses!

Above: Jaylen Anteneh (left) and Julian Orozco(right)

Reflection: The startup that sophomores Julian and Jaylen like most is called “Couch Coach.” This app allows sports fans to become active participants in the game they are watching by suggesting who should be playing, who should be replaced. For every suggestion posted in the app, a fan can score points if the suggestion is actually realized in the game and if his team is winning. For suggestions that turn out wrong, a fan loses points.

Above: Chris Wren

Reflection: Senior Chris Wren’s favorite startup was Aris MD, a startup focusing on bringing Augmented and Virtual Reality technology into the operating room. Surgeons may view a patient’s MRI or CAT scans in Virtual Reality to practice an operation beforehand, or in Augmented Reality with the scans anchored to the patient’s body to aid in precision and and accuracy during surgery.

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Photos by Keiani Allen

Photos by Max Wilcoxson

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