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Debate Wins at University at Pacific in Stockton

This past weekend, 34 O’Dowd debate students traveled to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, participating with 44 other high schools (870 students overall) in both parliamentary and public forum debate.

The team earned a 6th Place Sweepstakes award and several O’Dowd students earned the following individual awards:

10/17 teams advanced to elimination rounds after 5 preliminary rounds of competition;

Varsity Parliamentary Debate Team and Speaker Awards

  1. 3rd place team award: Claudia Hester/Alden O’Rafferty

  2. Quarter-finalist team award: Michael Jayasuriya/Shaun Schulz

  3. Octa-finalist team award: McKenzie Taffe/Meade Jacobsen

  4. 3rd speaker overall: Alden O’Rafferty

  5. 4th speaker overall: Meade Jacobsen

  6. 7th speaker overall: Michael Jayasuriya

Novice Parliamentary Debate Team and Speaker Awards

  1. 3rd place team award: Lucy Barretto/Lola Deibert

  2. Quarter-finalist team award: Gratia O’Rafferty/Paulina Harding

  3. 1st speaker overall: Lola Deibert

  4. 2nd speaker overall: Paulina Harding

  5. 4th speaker overall: Lucy Barretto

  6. 8th speaker overall: Gratia O’Rafferty

Novice Public Forum Debate Team and Speaker Awards

  1. 2nd place team award: Cas Grafagna/Logan Brockbank

  2. Quarter-finalist team award: Bella Ibarra/Robert Thomas

  3. Octa-finalist team awards: OwenBurlingham/Grayson Broderick; Anna Mette/Evian Jiang; Emily Blake/Reese Ward

  4. 8th speaker overall: Bella Ibarra

  5. 10th speaker overall: Logan Brockbank

Come and visit the O’Dowd Debate team at Open House on Sunday, November 5 (1 p.m. and 2 p.m.), to see the debaters in action as well as have your questions answered about this very worthwhile activity. Next up for the debaters are tournaments at U.C. Berkeley and Diablo Valley College.


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