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Continuing Impact of an O’Dowd Education

A former student team manager for the men’s varsity basketball team, Lucas Cortez ’14 graduated a semester early from UC Berkeley (in December 2017) with a double major in Legal Studies and Sociology, and has been busy ever since. He has served as an assistant coach for the men’s varsity basketball team at O’Dowd, took a Sportscode Elite Technology course, interned at the NBA Pro Skills Training facility in Burlingame, and volunteered as a team assistant for the Toronto Raptors at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. He is currently exploring career options related to basketball.

“Going to a prestigious, academic high school I learned a lot of valuable skills that transferred over to UC Berkeley, and I felt I was able to distinguish myself amongst an elite group of highly talented, intellectual individuals in college,” he said.

As far as basketball goes, Lucas says working with high profile athletes at O’Dowd and interacting with college coaches who visited campus, allowed him the opportunity to do strategic networking that will help him in his future career.


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